Activitities and Services

IT Hardware Products

ICT-B proposes a wide portfolio of IT Hardware products based on a group of steering brands complemented by other 30.000 ICT related products. The Hardware specifications vary from PC Desktop, Laptop, Printers, Screens, IT Periphery, Software, Networking, Routing, Security, Storage with the necessary co-sourcing partners so as to accompany you with all pre-sales and consultancy activities with the right people. We choose the right bus, get the right people on board and drive in the right direction.

IT Services

In specific circumstances, the various IT Services are proposed in partnership with strategic co-sourcing partners (or to the hardware manufacturer who proposes Service solutions).
ICT-B proposes:

• Expertise
• Integration
• A Single Point Of Contact
• Co-sourcing Services
• Full Ownership

Configuration Services

ICT-B possesses storage room and a lab. The following Services can therefore be proposed:

• Dead On Arrival Tests
• Installation van IT Options (Servers, PC’s, Laptops)
• Labelling
Standardised preparations can save the customer much time and energy in the event of faulty material. The IT Manager and his/her team can focus entirely on internal projects in the aim of ensuring that the IT strategic business objectives can support the company.

Maintenance Services

• The Hardware manufacturer guarantees 3, 4 or 5 years
ICT-B proposes additional maintenance: technical repair stock, guaranteed repair SLA.
ICT-B Warranty Registration procedures
• Maintenance of older or more exotic Hardware

Choice & Design

The choice of a product and/or a solution is based on a rigorous ICT-B approach. This choice is based on a 3 step approach:

• Listening, analyzing and structuring the customer requirements
• Evaluation of the various technological options independently of the Hardware manufacturers
• Proposal of our Solution with the support of qualified experts and defined partners.

This methodology integrates the existing customer environment as well as the practical reality and takes into account the underpinning ROI and customer investments.

Solution & Project Management

Our consultants and partners accompany you in the entire process towards completion of your projects; that means:
• Protection of the existing infrastructure, security, backup, saving & datacenter services
• Centralisatisation, consolidation, virtualisation and redundancy
• Communication & Networking: IP-Telephony, WAN, Mobility, Videoconferencing
• Exotic projects and requirements